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Commercial Appliance Repair Service in Del Mar

Commercial Appliance RepairElectrical appliances are virtually the backbone of all operations in most businesses. Running a grocery store for instance, requires one to have an operational freezer to keep the products fresh all day. On the other hand, a restaurant needs functional ovens, cookers, dishwashers and microwaves to run effectively. The same applies to a laundry business, where dryers and washing machines are necessary. To ensure that you get the best return on your investment, it’s advisable to always purchase high quality equipment. However, these appliances will face defects from time to time, but with proper maintenance and regular servicing, such defects are controllable.

Why Opt for Quick Commercial Repairs?

In business, every minute matters, and no one wants to dent their business operations and reputation due to faulty equipment. If you take the instance of a restaurant, a malfunctioning cooker or oven could bring operations to a standstill, while a faulty washing machine makes it very difficult to run a laundry business. For grocery owners, a crashed refrigeration system could result in massive food rotting leading to losses.

That’s not all. Faulty machinery is also hazardous to your employee, premise and clients as well. Take for example a leaking gas. If not instantly detected, it may result in a fire outbreak that may lead to massive revenue losses or even deaths. On the other hand, a glitch in your refrigerator or washing machine results in excessive power consumption and hence increased bills. Most problems may seem small at first, but if not addressed urgently worsens with time, forcing you to pay even more than you would have initially paid. Therefore, prompt repair is necessary to curb any looming defects, hence saving your finances.

What Are the Solutions to Faulty Appliances?

There are several options to consider when dealing with faulty appliances. The first is to seek the attention of an experienced technician, who will troubleshoot the defect and recommend a repair option. This is by far the cheapest and quickest option. The second option is to replace the malfunctioning equipment. This is an expensive option, hence it should always be the last option. Besides, most commercial appliance defects are easily reparable. The catch is to find a reputable appliance repair technician. At Delmar Appliance Repair, we guarantee to troubleshoot your defective appliance and provide a lasting solution for the problem.

Why Choose Us

Every business requires functional appliances for it to run effectively. At Delmar Appliances repairs, we understand this perfectly well, hence we try our best to implement the same-day repair services policy, to ensure all your business activities run smoothly. We have our technicians in almost all the major towns in Calabasas and its environs.

Immediately you call our offices for a service, you are addressed by a well-trained customer service representative who jots down all your concerns, location and other details. They then immediately dispatch a qualified technician to your premise.

On arrival, the technician first assesses the appliance to pinpoint the problem and then recommends a solution to fix it. They also give you an all-inclusive estimate for the repair costs.

Our rates are affordable and our payment plans are flexible to suit your needs. Quality is paramount in all our operations, hence our repair parts and tools and sourced from reputable and certified companies across the globe. All our technicians are EPA certified to handle equipment and parts from top appliance brands. Some of these brands include Asko, Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Bosch, Wolf, Sears, Jenn-air, Maytag, Electrolux Frigidaire, Amana Subzero, Dacor, DCS, Samsung, Kenmore, American Range, GE, Westinghouse, Vikings, Marvel, Monogram, U-line, Fisher, Paykel, and Scotsman among others.

About Us

Delmar Appliances Repairs is a family owned appliance repair provider based in Delmar. Our friendly customer service, affordability and availability make us the best commercial appliances experts in Calabasas and its surrounding.  We hire the best technicians around to ensure effective repairs and maintenance for all your commercial appliances. Our equipment is top of the tier and all our technicians get exclusive training on how to use them effectively. Our commitment is to provide top-notch services within a short time span.

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