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Dryer Repair in Del Mar

We provide high quality dryer repair service in Del Mar. An efficient dryer is a godsend for people who need to clean several loads of laundry every week, or where hanging your clothes outside to dry is not always a possibility.Dryer repair

The latest dryer models can drastically reduce drying times besides being greatly energy efficient. These dryers will usually serve you well for a considerable period of time, especially if you take good care of them and observe routine maintenance. But dryers are not useful at home only.

These appliances, together with washing machines, are the backbone of washing businesses. Therefore, any defect that befalls your dryer is cause for alarm. If you prefer in-home laundry, a broken dryer forces you to seek alternative ways to dry your clothes.

That means either hanging your clothes outside, which may not be possible during the winter, or taking them to a laundromat, and that translates to spending money. For those who run laundry businesses, a broken dryer can quickly stall activities in your business and lose you revenue. It’s the reason you need to always stay prepared for any signs of defects on your dryer so you can tackle them promptly.

Dryer Repair – Common Problems to Look Out For

Currently, there are various types, models and sizes of dryers in the market. The majority of dryers, however, face the same problems in the course of their lifetimes. The commonest ones you need to be aware of include:

  • Your dryer does not start
  • The dryer starts but does not tumble clothes
  • The appliance shuts down every time it’s running
  • The dryer does not produce any heat
  • The appliance takes too long to heat up
  • The dryer produces excessive heat
  • The machine makes too much noise when running
  • The dryer does not vent to the outside
  • Clothes from the dryer come out wrinkled

All of these issues are serious and should never be ignored. If your dryer does not power or produce any heat, then it’s no use in your home or laundromat. If the machine is tumbling clothes but producing excessive heat, then your clothes could get burnt, leading to losses. Where the defect is too much noise, then the dryer makes it uncomfortable to work in your laundry room.

So What Should You Do If You Dryer Repair Needed?

Some people opt to replace the appliance altogether. While this will certainly solve the problem, it is an unnecessarily expensive option. A new dryer goes for at least several hundred dollars, and you can’t be playing with that kind of money whenever one of your appliances has a defect. The fact is that the majority of dryer problems can be quickly and affordably repaired. You can call us at Delmar Appliance Repair to troubleshoot your dryer and provide a lasting solution to the problem.

Why Choose Us

Your dryer is a big investment, and it’s important that its repairs be handled by a technician with the necessary skills to fix it effectively. That’s what we guarantee at Delmar Appliance Repair. We have a team of vastly experienced appliance repair technicians who are comfortable tackling the toughest dryer defects.  Our technicians are EPA certified to handle appliances from a variety of brands including Bosch, Maytag, Viking, Whirlpool Electrolux, Asko, Scotsman, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, Samsung, Dacor, Sears, Thermador, Frigidaire, LG, Kenmore, DCS, Kitchen Aid, and many more.

We understand how essential your dryer is, so we commit to getting it working within the shortest time possible. We usually provide same day service at no added cost to you. Once you call us, we’ll have one of our most competent appliance repair technicians come over to your house or business premise to help you right away. We also provide an accurate quote for the repair upfront so you know that there won’t be any nasty surprises when the task is done.

If your dryer needs some replacement parts, we guarantee that we’ll use only original, factory approved options that we come with in our truck. We believe your appliance deserves nothing but the best. Within no time, your washer should be up and running perfectly once again. 

Besides repair, we are also happy to offer maintenance services. Our services are available 24/7.

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